Viton Rubber O Rings

Silicone O Rings Viton Rubber O Rings

Our Viton Rubber O Rings have high resistance to temperature, chemicals, oil, minerals, oxygen and many organic solvents. They possess excellent permeability and high compression set resistance. Viton rubber O rings are known as sealing specialist and are used in aircraft engines, automotive fuel handling systems, mechanical devices and in places where chemical exposure is inevitable. Sun Sil Polymers is a India's top rated Viton O Rings manufacturers and suppliers. We supply Viton rubber O Rings in many different types, sizes, specifications and shore hardness. We have our branch offices in major cities of India which includes Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Sikkim, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, Indore, Goa etc for quicker response. Contact us for rubber silicone O rings, no matter what the specification is!

Salient Features of Viton Rubber O Rings

  • Excellent temperature resistance.
  • Low compression set and low gas permeability
  • Resistance to hydrocarbon oil, chemicals, minerals and solvents
  • Resistance to aging and ozone attacks

Applications of Rubber O rings

  • Fuel system sealing
  • Aircraft engines
  • High Temperature Seals
  • High vacuum applications
  • Various industrial applications