Food Grade Thunder Hoses

Sun Sil Polymers Pvt Ltd is one of the very few manufacturers and suppliers of silicone food grade thunder hose in India. Thunder hoses are non-toxic and flexible ducting hoses. Its structure comprises of PVC outer wall and inlaid steel wire spiral. These food grade thunder hoses exhibit higher strength, flexibility and durability. Our food grade thunder hose is used primarily in food and pharmaceutical industries. It can withstand higher temperature and pressure. We have supply network all over India.

Salient Features of Tunder Hoses

  • Vaccum Resistant.
  • Made From Food Grade Non -Toxic Ingredients, suitable for transport of food.
  • Glass like clarity with smooth inner & outer surfaces provide outstanding visual flow characteristics.
  • Very flexible & does not kink when bent from a small radius.
  • Resistant to atmospherical agents.