Silicone Sleeves for Corona Treater and Electrical Applications

Inflatable Gaskets functions like a cycle tube. When inflated it seals the bowl and ensures proper sealing. It is being made up of Neoprene Rubber or Silicone Rubber. These gaskets are inflated by 6-10 mm when 2-4 KG pressure is applied. Sun Sil Polymers is a renowned manufacturer of Silicone Inflatable Gaskets and we have been supplying to renowned pharmaceutical companies in India since many years. We have successfully installed import substitute silicone inflatable gaskets for Fluid Bed Processor (FBP) for Pam/Glatt/GEA machines of different makes.

Salient Features of Silicone Tubings

  • Excellent heat resistant from -80°C to + 250°C.
  • Ozone and Corona discharge resistance.
  • Hardness: 60-70 Shore A.
  • Good Electrically Insulation.
  • Having high dielectric strength 250-500 Volts/mm

Available Sizes

Roller DiameterID Wall Thickness
2" – 50 mm48 3
2.5" – 60 mm58 3
3" – 76 mm72 3
4"- 100 mm98 3